So many people I work with, particularly but not exclusively women, spend a ton of time, sometimes years, waiting for permission. It’s a waste. Of the time and energy, and for the world that just might be better off if you just proceed.

I don’t mean those times where you wonder if you should ask or just apologize if something goes wrong. I mean those times where you think you need someone else’s permission to take action. So here are some tips to move forward.

Tip 1. Do you need permission? Meaning do you actually need someone else to open a door, write a check or a letter or make a call, or do you think you do, that it would be better or easier? 
 Tip 2. If not, what are you worried about? Is that a fear or concern you can address? Can you live with consequences if not? As a mentor asked me when I thought I had offended someone, “do you care?” In truth, I do, but not so much that I shouldn’t have proceeded.
 Tip 3. Practice. Take small actions often to move forward when there are few risks. You’ll find that things most often work out in your favor and build your confidence for more. 
Let me know what you think?