This week I have had my six year old grand nephew here. The idea was that instead of going to child care, he would come for a visit and go to robot camp during the day while I worked and then we’d head to the pool and fun.

Well, he hates robot camp. But he was going until today. Today, he bailed. And I got to re-realize how much freedom I have. I have the freedom to try to implement this idea. I had the freedom to figure out a work around for no camp today. I have the freedom to work when it works for me. And to play when that’s what’s called for.

This week, I don’t really have tips. But as we celebrate the freedoms our nation was founded on, what freedoms large or small do you cherish? The freedom to express myself, to have flexibility and to balance work and fun are at the top of my list.

Have a great holiday,