I am so over a particular piece of advice I keep hearing.

That we have to only do one thing, that we can only have one passion, that we have to choose.

No. We. Don’t.

Some people only have one thing they are passionate about and focus on. But lots of us have multiple interests and talents. To use just one would not only be painful and paralyzing for us, but also deprive the world of our best work. While we can only do one thing at one time, we can do it through the lens of our other interests. Here are three tips for blending our passions and talents.

Tip 1. What do you love to do? Make a list. For me, it might include solving problems; entertaining people – cooking, speaking, listening; and making visual art.

Tip 2. Now make a list of what you are really good at. It’s probably a slightly different list. But yes, you are looking for the overlap between the lists.

Tip 3. Look at the overlap and see how the list from Tip 1 might support the list of Tip 2? For example, there are a lot of accountants but how did you pick yours? Probably because they specialize in people like you – government contracting, small business, complicated families, people who don’t get financial stuff.

It’s the blend that makes your choice. What’s yours?