This week I had a crazy experience. If you’ve known me awhile, you probably know I am a photographer. Most of the images that come with these emails are my work. But painting has been a new creative outlet for me.

I have taken to creating small works to refresh and recharge. Often between work tasks. I was working on a series of colorful spheres and just couldn’t manage to stay in the lines of one I really loved. I ended up adding color around it to try and fix it. At first, I was mad that I’d ruined something I really liked. But it grew on me. So much so that I entered it in a local show.

Not only was it accepted, it sold on the first night of the show. My first watercolor to sell.

Just like this email series, I am not always the best judge. Did I mess it up? Did it evolve to what it was meant to be? Who gets to decide? What “mistakes” have you made that maybe weren’t?

Have a great week!