Treadmill Moving Too Fast?

Treadmill Moving Too Fast? So as if trying to change the world while having a life weren’t enough in a crazy world, having the holidays tied up in a bow for is the icing on the stress cake for so many. But it doesn’t actually have to be that way. Here are 4 easy tipsContinue Reading

Tackling Turbulence – Part 2

Tackling Turbulence – Part 2 Last month we looked at how you can manage the stress of turbulence created by change and ambiguity in your life. This month we focus on two things you can do to help your team. 1) Communicate clearly. Help your team know what is happening, what is expected of them and by when.  2) TellContinue Reading

Tackling Turbulence – Part 1

Tackling Turbulence – Part 1 Uncertainty and constant turbulence have become our new normal. For so many of us, whether non-profit leader, government executive, or entrepreneur, it has been a summer of change, uncertainty and opportunity. How can we successfully lead through it? It would be easy for some to just want to step offContinue Reading

5 Tips for Thriving in Transitions

5 Tips for Thriving in Transitions Transitions are the name of the game in 2017. Not just in government but in business and in life. As a colleague at IBM said, “The world has never moved this fast before and will never move this slow again.” Organizational changes are no longer things that happen oneContinue Reading

Just Don’t Do It

You have a to-do list. But it doesn’t have to have you. I have a secret about that list. Actually a few secrets. It’s just a list. Not a bible. Not a law. It’s not in charge. Yeah, I know. You have to do it all. Another secret – no, you don’t. So let’s figureContinue Reading

What Do You Do After You’ve Been to the Moon?

What does an astronaut do after they have already had their career peak experience? What does a former President, Olympic athlete, presidential appointee, or executive director do after what they have had what they (and perhaps others) believe to be their seminal career experience? It is an awe-inspiring honor to have these roles, but for most peopleContinue Reading

Yellow Lines and Dead Armadillos

One of the most important responsibilities leaders face is making decisions. In an increasingly complex and fast-paced world, decisiveness is a critical skill. After all, as my friend Elizabeth says, the middle of the road is for yellow lines and dead armadillos. How do you make decisions? In an ideal world, we understand the scopeContinue Reading

You Can’t Talk Underwater

The Olympics are halfway through and I am excited to watch my sport, synchronized swimming. When I was competing as a teenager we were fighting to get the sport recognized. Now when I watch, I am amazed not at how long they athletes hold their breath but about how they communicate. This is a sportContinue Reading

Five Ways Curiosity Makes Leaders Better

They say curiosity may have killed the cat, but I doubt it. I do know curiosity has saved more leaders than I can count. Curiosity is all about the inquiry that drives creativity. It’s what sparks innovation. So what should leaders be curious about? Here are five suggestions: 1) How else can we do that? IsContinue Reading

5 Free Tools That Will Make Managing Your Business Easier

Here at iLead Strategies Support, we like to help our clients deal with the stuff most people hate – scheduling, posting on social media, website support, billing and general organization. Below are just a few of our favorite tools to use for making our clients’ businesses (and lives) more efficient and streamlined. In no particularContinue Reading

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