With just a week until Thanksgiving, I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership and gratitude and how the two are intrinsically linked.

Specifically, how you can lean into gratitude to grow your leadership.

Below are 3 simple acts for cultivating more gratitude and grace in your life and work regardless of external circumstances.

Tip 1: Say “thank you” to 3 people today

When was the last time your team or colleagues thanked you? Or your kids said it and meant it? So often, we expect too much from the world around us. In our expectation of perfection, we chase what’s next without ever acknowledging what’s already been achieved – by us, by our family members, or our colleagues. Today, make someone’s day by taking a minute (really, you only need one!), to thank them. You can even do it by email. Make it heartfelt. It will make their day. 

Tip 2: Notice how you feel after you do this

Chances are, practicing gratitude will make you feel good. In fact, just looking around to decide who you are going to thank will make you feel good. Want to understand how this works? Watch the video at the end of this newsletter. 

Tip 3: Build gratitude into your daily life

It’s amazing what will shift in your life when you commit to practicing gratitude daily. Taking just a few minutes each day to acknowledge something you are grateful for can actually make you happier! I do this in my journal, but you can do this aloud, in the Notes on your iPhone, or some other daily practice. What’s important is the acknowledgment. 

As we shift into Thanksgiving week, I am grateful for you. And I have a gift of thanks for you. If you have a woman you want to acknowledge (or maybe even yourself), use promo code Leader for $150 off the registration for January’s  Don’t Await It, Create It conference. 

Want to learn more about gratitude and how it works? Watch this video.