stop-sign1You have a to-do list. But it doesn’t have to have you. I have a secret about that list. Actually a few secrets. It’s just a list. Not a bible. Not a law. It’s not in charge.

Yeah, I know. You have to do it all. Another secret – no, you don’t. So let’s figure out how to shrink the list to one that’s manageable.

Read your list over. Don’t hyperventilate, but ask a few questions about each item:


1) Does it actually have to be done at all or is it something you think you are supposed to do? Will anyone die, go to jail or lose their job if it isn’t done? Or can you just say “no” and DELETE it?

2) If it must be done, then must it actually be done by you? Really? Are you the best person? Even if you are, what happens if it’s done a little differently or not as perfectly? Can you DELEGATE it?

3) Ok, so it has to be done and has to be done by you. A few more questions. Does it have to be done right now? If it’s been there for weeks, you know the answer. What can you DELAY until it’s not quite so crazy?

4) Ok, still now. Can you just DO IT now? Right now and off the list it goes. If not, when can you schedule to do it? Then at least you can stop thinking about it until then.


In summary, go over that list and deletedelegatedelay or just do what you can, schedule the rest and move on.