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You can’t pour from an empty cup. Fill up often.

– Julie Jakopic

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Gratitude – What’s In It For You?

iLead Strategies - November 2015 IN THIS ISSUE *  Gratitude - What's In It For You? *  Make Sure You Are On Your Gift List *  A Moving Holiday Season Gratitude - What's In It For You? Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love the season, I love the food and I...

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Who Are You and Who Cares – Feb 2015 news

IN THIS ISSUE *  Who Are You and Who Cares? *  What's Julie Up To? WHO ARE YOU AND WHO CARES? Who we are as leaders is as important as what we do. And all those we lead or work with care. That may seem like a tall order but anyone can be taught to act in a particular...

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Stress? What Stress?

STRESS? WHAT STRESS? So as if trying to change the world while having a life weren’t enough of a challenge, we get the end of the year and holidays tied up in a bow for the icing on the stress cake the year has been for so many. But it doesn’t actually have to be that...

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Do Good. Have Fun. Make Money

That’s what most of the people I work with want.  I first saw this in a mentor’s office about 20 +years ago. She had it on a sign behind her desk. 1. Do good. 2. Have fun. 3. Make money. At the time I was working in a non-profit serving low-income families.  So I...

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Lay Off the Millenials

I am so tired of hearing how impossible it is to manage Millennials.  I literally just got an email to join a webinar to learn how to do the impossible.  The email started with "Millennials are disrupting the status quo in nearly every arena – from the music and food...

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April 2014 eNews – Not Guilty

It seems like it is finally spring. The weather is warming up.The landscape is returning to green. The sun is out and the days are longer. The leaves are coming back to the trees and spring holidays are almost here. This month, Stan Lankowitz, iLead Strategies...

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February 2014 eNews – Stop Crazy Busy

  February is a short month with short days and high expectations. This month we share tips to get more done, have more fun and still achieve your goals.   In this issue O  Busy is NOT a Competitive Sport O  Don’t Await It, Create It LIVE O  Alchemy O  Beyond Survival...

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