Life as a small business is never a straight line in any direction. It’s a messy child’s scribble at best and whether things are up or down, well that’s not always clear. I started today totally anxious about a potential project, one I am waiting on hearing about, and about when a third would pay me.

 Then I hopped online to review emails and check social media. There I found a client celebrating their 4th anniversary.  This is a client that has had a really rough year. A major partner dissolved their relationship and took their work with them. One of their clients was indicted and had to resign their role. One of their VPs died way to young and somewhat suddenly. Yet they have survived and are celebrating.

That made me think. It all depends on how you look at things.

Tip 1. No matter how tough things are, you can find something to celebrate, and indeed, should.

Tip 2. Get real. How big a deal is what’s bugging you? Is it major – then do something. If it’s not, let it go.

Tip 3. Things change. If you are able to shift with them, you get to celebrate.

What works for you?