Do you have a guilty pleasure? Or maybe three?

One of mine is a Netflix show about bad baking, Nailed It.

The show is all about regular people trying to bake complicated creations.The contestants are totally free of perfectionist tendencies. They know they are not likely to succeed in replicating the perfect confection, they just want to do their best and have fun doing it.

It’s such a relief. Certainly, there are things I need to get right. But not everything. Here are a few tips I’ve learned from watching.

Tip 1. Understand consequences. What if it’s not perfect? In my experience, for most things, it’s more important to get things done than to get them done perfectly. It doesn’t mean doing a lousy job, but not getting paralyzed by unrealistic standards.

Tip 2. Have fun. That search for perfection can suck all the joy out of things. It’s so much easier to try, make a mistake, laugh, try again and so on.

Tip 3. Sometimes my imperfect is good enough. On Nailed It almost every cake comes out flawed but also rarely without virtue – it might look close or be yummy when sliced, the looks cease to matter.

What’s your guilty pleasure?