Did you miss me last week? I actually took a vacation. Saw great friends in three states, painted some art and took some photos. When I was taking pictures, I realized how much the advice I have from doing photography is a
pretty good prescription for life. Here are the three tips for this week – for better pictures and for life.

Tip 1. Look into the light. When you are in a photo, you want the light shining on you so you have to look into the light. In life, while you need to be aware of the shadows, success is in looking for and into the light.

Tip 2. Keep your eyes open. In pictures, this is an obvious one. We want to see your eyes. In life, it’s about being aware and seeing where opportunities appear.

Tip 3. Stick your neck out. In pictures, that little leaning forward covers a myriad of things – double chins, aging, and other stuff. In life, it’s where the impact happens – when you stick your neck out to show up, stand up, and speak up.