A couple of weeks ago, I held the annual Don’t Await It, Create It conference. We talked about where there is purpose and meaning in our work. Some felt like their job was to rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic. Some days amazing things happen and we know we make a difference. Others, the best we can hope for is to just not lose ground. And then on some, it just seems like the further we go, the further behind we get.

Here are three tips for getting perspective, resetting our sights, and seeing our progress.

1) Keep track of your wins. Every day I track at least a win for the day. Some days it’s a big thing like winning a new project. Some, the best I can say is I made it to midnight. On those days, I get to look back and remember all the days it was something more – projects, breakthroughs, client successes, policy moving forward, something.

2) Keep track of things you are grateful for. Every day identify something. Some days I’m grateful for skills I have or receiving a check. Others it’s about a relationship or two. Still others, it’s about nature or the fact that my body works, or a magical parking place appearing just in time to make sure I don’t miss a meeting.

3) Share your gratitude. Tell someone something you appreciate about them – their work, what they do in the world, or even just how they care for their kids, arrange their desk, tell a joke. It turns out, the expression of gratitude will have as much impact on you as it does on them.

What do you think? What do you do to refocus and reset?

Let me know below.