This week Thursday falls between two holidays. Between today and the start of 2019. Between the beginning and end of the week. How can you use this moment between? Here are three ideas:

1) Just Breathe and Remember. Take a deep breath and enjoy the best of the last few days. Let go of the rest. If that’s hard, try writing down the good stuff, share it in stories, relive it in some way. Our brains are wired to hold on to the bad stuff. Intentionally and repeatedly focusing on the good evens it out in your memories

 2) Review and Finish something. What’s on your list from 2018 that’s not done? Pick just one thing and get it done. Read the book. Clean the closet. Call the friend you’ve been meaning to call. You’ll feel better about this year and heading into next. 

3) Plan. What do you want in 2019 — for work? For relationships? For fun? Try something different. Instead of a list of tasks or resolutions, maybe draw a picture of what a successful year would look like or write yourself a letter to read next year, telling the story of your 2019 as if it’s happened and congratulating yourself for success. Try a creative process instead of a list. It will engage more of your passion and your brain in making it true. 

Let me know how these work for you by replying to this post. 



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