It’s no secret that I help people figure out what they want and get it. What is a secret is part of my approach? 

So many people only admit to part of what they want. They shrink their desire to fit what they think they deserve or they think they can get or they think is acceptable.

One of my teachers, Dave Ellis, the first one who taught me to ask for what I want, says you only get about 25 percent of what you ask for, so you better ask for a lot.  So now I start the year and any manner of planning exercises with big, unrealistic, long lists of desires. 

Even in 2020. Especially in 2020.  If I’m only going to get 25 percent, I better grow the picture, not shrink it. I better start looking for coral reefs and whales, not guppies. 

Now, Dave was not the last to push me on this. Now I have it down and nudge myself. And so. I nudge you. What do you want?

Not that thing, the one you really want.

What does it look like? Feel like? 

As you get ready to focus on gratitude for what you have (previews of next week), set your vision forward. It’s no time for small fish. 

Have a great week!