You know I’m working on a book, right? And after two years of this blog, I have a ton of material. I started to read through what I’ve written to figure out what I wanted to include. And actually, I got nowhere. It was overwhelming. I had a plan to read groups of blogs. And then to read through recording transcripts. And then transcribe some handwritten pieces.

Sound boring yet? Yup. It was a ton of work and not at all fun. And I suspect that if that’s what it feels like to put this book together, that’s how much fun it will be to read it.

Had a call with my coach to figure out how we could make this fun and here are some of the tips we came up with. I think they apply to lots of big tasks.

1) Play with it. I need to stop trying so hard. Trying to get it just right. Until it’s sent to the publisher, I can change it. It’s not precious.

 2) Trust that I know what I am doing. I don’t need to read everything I have ever written to do this. I need to be clear about what I want to get across and look for what fits and create what I need to add.

3) Create it. It’s fine to write new material even if I have a lot already. So now I start the effort with writing something new. Even if it doesn’t get into the book, it primes me for a creative effort.

So, I’ll keep playing with it to get it done. I’ll share it with you when it’s done. And in the meantime, how can you make your work fun?