Just like smell, how you feel is important information. You move away from stinky trash and stale milk. Move away from what hurts. Only humans keep sitting on hot stoves hoping the stove will change. 

You were not created to be miserable. Suffering is not a credential. Instead, move toward what feels good. What makes you happy.

And if there is hard unpleasant painful stuff that must be done? Do it fast. Stop thinking about it and postponing it. Get it done and move on. The sum total of all that ruminating is way more painful than the thing itself. So, give the bad news, and then start to heal.  

And move toward what makes you feel good in the long term. In other words, no hiding in addictive avoidant behaviors that only feel good for a minute and then make you feel sick or sad or shameful. Move to the good stuff.

Just in case you were sitting in the back, I mean it. Move to what feels good.

Have a great week,