Many times, when I ask people what they want, I get answers that seem mostly around big career goals – the better job, the work life balance, and so forth. Or, the reverse, a desire for relief- from the difficult relationship, the insomnia, the exhaustion.

Certainly, reasonable desires. But there is a big difference between being less miserable and being happy. And it is also often true that if you are happy about one part of your life, it can ease the misery of other areas.

So let’s change the question. What makes you happy? How can you do more of that? Is it about time and scheduling? Is it about making you a priority?

Let’s all do more of what makes us happy.


PS. I thought about this given all the things happening in Ukraine and elsewhere. But your misery isn’t serving anyone. Your happiness matters anyway. That said, one of the things that makes me happy is helping others. Here are safe places to contribute to help those in Ukraine.

World Central Kitchen


The Urgent Action Center for Women’s Rights

The International Rescue Committee