Ever notice how “Have a Happy Holidays” cards and comments just seem to increase the pressure to be happy and to create a perfect experience for everyone around you? I’m done.  Now, not to the point of not sending out cards that say “have a holiday,” but seriously, let’s focus on the happy part instead of the holiday expectations.
To me, that’s about gratitude for all that you and others bring to my life. Yes, I know Thanksgiving was last month, but I am still grateful. It’s about being with people who bring me joy and bringing mine to them in exchange. It’s about friends, family and fun. It’s not about perfect – perfect emails, perfect pies, perfect relationships.
For what it’s worth, it took me a long time to get to this place, including a couple of years that I boycotted the holidays. I’d like to send you some short cuts.
Here’s my gift to you: 
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Put you on your list

Holidays, especially for women, often are about doing for others. In truth, that’s part of the point. But to keep giving, you need to fill up.  You can’t pour from an empty glass.  

Your needs and desires matter. What is on your list for you? For the price of a couple of pairs of shoes or massages that are erased the minute you look at your phone, you can spend 2.5 days with a group of like minded women, refreshing and renewing your passion, planning the best year of your life, learning new skills to build resilience and leadership, and take care of yourself.  Join us for Don’t Await It, Create It WOMEN 2016. Start on Friday in the HoSPAtality suite, a new feature of the weekend. Spend two days focused on you, and still get home on Sunday in time to have the evening and holiday off with your family and friends. Register before midnight on Christmas eve and use promo code “Legacy” to take $200 of the registration price. I look forward to seeing you then.