As I write this, polls are just closing on the east coast and won’t close on the west for a few hours. Tomorrow will arrive no matter what we know and don’t. 

Don’t get me wrong, the outcome of the election matters. It matters a lot. 

But your goals, your dreams, matter more.

If your vision is clear, your fears become irrelevant.

Goals don’t change unless you want them to.

Strategies change.

The lesson of 2020 to me reinforces the need to be flexible and have multiple action plans. Just like if you were hoping to go to the beach, you might have to fly or drive, to take one route or another, take more or less time. You still head to the beach, but your route can change.

What are three ways you can move towards your highest priority goal, no matter how the election turns out?

As for the election, hopefully, we know the results by the time this email goes out but if we don’t, take a deep breath. One step and one day at a time. 



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