In a week, I start a new decade. And I want to change things up.

What if Wednesday has been a fun way to introduce things but for some people, “what if” isn’t a fun curious approach, it’s a recipe for anxiety. So, I think, in this uncertain era, it’s run its course.

PLUS, I’ve got new stuff and new ideas.

For years, as a coach, my favorite, most asked question, is “What do you want?”

You’d be surprised how hard it is under the best of circumstances for most people to answer that question. Then add COVID-19. Things are uncertain, people who are ok feel guilty, people who are struggling are putting on brave faces.

I want to create space to get clear about what you want, and how to move toward it no matter what is going on in the world. Much of what I write has always been about this but starting next week, it will be front and center.

Have ideas or questions or answers you want to share? Just hit reply and let me know.

In the meantime, what do I want? After all, it’s almost my birthday.

I want three things. I want you to:

1. Make a plan to vote. Follow it and bring others with you.

2. Buy something you need from a local business, not Amazon this week.

3. Give some of your time, talent or treasure to a local organization in the business of helping others this week.

Have a great week! See you on day one of my next spin around the sun.