I spend time helping others lead boldly and cope with hard things. That was true before 2020 and will be true after. I’ve learned a lot leading in crisis and share it in the hopes of making it easier for others to serve well and come out stronger on the other side.

But sometimes I don’t always remember that all I teach applies to me. That just because I understand doesn’t exempt me from doing the work. It is still hard. It’s still painful.

I still have days that suck. Sometimes there is a real reason, sometimes it’s just because I miss doing things I love – speaking on stages, travel, hanging out with the grands. Sometimes it just does. I don’t get a pass. It’s humbling.

So this week, I am committing to a little more patience with myself and offer that to you too. As Virginia Satir said, the only way out is through.

And I am no good to anyone if I am not ok, and neither are you. Find a few minutes to be good to you this week and cut yourself some slack.

Be good to you,