Who We Are

“You are guaranteed only one life.

What do you plan to do with it?”
– Julie Jakopic

Who We Are

“You are guaranteed only one life.

What do you plan to do with it?”
– Julie Jakopic

Our Core Values

“Confidence comes from the belief that things can change and the belief you can make it so.”
– Julie Jakopic

Lead Boldly.

There will always be reasons why your big idea can’t be done. We’re far more interested in finding ways it CAN be done.

Ignite Impact.

What’s the biggest vision you can imagine? How would it feel to meet it? Let’s get to work.

Accelerate Success.

Clarity and support from iLead Strategies provide the catalyst to propel you toward your goals faster and with more ease.

People Powered.

People are integral to everything we do. Whether it is building consensus, resolving conflicts, or attracting customers and followers, communicating clearly is critical. We show you how to develop and use influence to get people on board and rowing in the same direction.

Vision Driven.

Everything starts with your end game. Once we know your destination, we create a plan to get you there. The core of our work lies in allowing creativity to inform strategy and innovation. We play hard but we don’t mess around.

Results Oriented.

Success does not happen in a vacuum. It takes teamwork. We work hand-in-hand with you to design and deliver solutions that solve problems, create opportunity and ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction.

At iLead Strategies, we know it’s not about us. It’s about YOU.
You’ve got a big vision. Chances are, you can’t bring that vision to reality alone.

That’s where we come in. We’re a small but mighty group of entrepreneurially spirited team players.
Sure, we’re smart. More importantly, we use both head AND heart to get the job done.

Customer Service is our middle name. Creativity is our closest cousin. As champions for your greater good, we take pride in our ability to support you behind the scenes so you’re free to take risks, lead fearlessly, and achieve the impossible.

Julie Jakopic Strategist. Catalyst. Champion.

Julie Jakopic is one of the nation’s top organizational and leadership development consultants. A game-changer who’s shared the stage with luminaries like President Barack H. Obama and change agent Neale Donald Walsch, Julie is on a mission to help leaders create more meaningful success in their professional and personal lives. She empowers leaders to overcome the pressure and overwhelm that comes with carrying a great responsibility in working for change. Sought after for her perspective on leadership, politics, and women, Julie is a frequent commentator who has appeared in or on CBS, NBC, Vanity Fair, and Sirius XM.

As the author of Planning for Results©, a nationally recognized strategic planning tool, and creator of the “Don’t Await It, Create It®” framework and annual women’s leadership weekend, Julie delivers unparalleled transformation for clients. Receiving rave reviews as a speaker, coach, facilitator, and strategist, Julie is known for her combination of seasoned pragmatism and innovative motivational tools. As an executive coach, she is both a strategist and an uncanny guide who reconnects leaders to the fuel of their passion and dedication. Clients credit her ability to not only build and grow their own leadership skills, but also her uncanny understanding of how to help executives develop and strengthen the talent of their teams.

Julie’s commitment to inspiring change has roots in her commitment to increasing opportunities for people. Julie sources her verve from her passion to do good, bringing her talents to leading in her community. She has led the Alexandria Community Services Board, the Alexandria Economic Opportunities Commission, Sheltered Homes of Alexandria, and Hopkins House pre-school academies. She was awarded the Ann Kagie National Community Services award by the National Association for State Community Services Programs and the Legislative & Public Policy Award by the Alexandria Commission for Women and the Marian Van Landingham Lifetime Achievement Award by Volunteer Alexandria.

Julie specializes in working with multi-talented creative problem-solvers.  And her own background reflects a multitude of creative interests. A former nationally ranked synchronized swimmer with a passion for chocolate, Julie is a juried photographer. She holds an MA in Sociology and a BA in Communication from the University of Maryland.  Her varied background bolsters her renown as someone who helps leaders and organizations navigate their most challenging moments, staying motivated and taking inspired action through it all.


I have never been one who neatly fit in a box.  Not because I didn’t fit in a box, but because I couldn’t, or more accurately wouldn’t, decide which box.  I was an actor, a synchronized swimmer, and president of the world affairs club in high school. Welcome in all three, but always a little bit outside because I also belonged somewhere else. That wasn’t always easy as a kid, but has been great as an adult.  I’ve been able to lead in organizations in the non-profit sector, the public sector, and the corporate sector around issues from cosmetics to energy efficiency to human services.  It means I can bring the best of one sector to bear in another, and I understand the crazy pervasive things that cross them all.


My commitment to better leadership probably started in a swimming pool years ago. What I learned is that leadership is not just about what you say but also what you do. I’ve been led by and been the overwhelmed frantic executive and the controlling people pleasing diva martyr. It may get stuff done, but it is soul killing for you and those who work with you.  But I have also been led by and am committed to being a leader who leads by example, helps each member of the team excel, and creates extraordinary results in the process.


If you lead from a place of deep mission driven commitment, a place of joy and service, your life is better, your work and your team are more productive and happier, and your impact is deeper. This is true whether you are a small business owner, non-profit executive, C-suite executive or government leader. It is this understanding that drives me to help leaders lead better – in their career and in their personal lives. I left my corner office and created iLead Strategies to share this knowledge broadly, to help leaders create workplaces that work for the people who work there, deliver outstanding results for customers and drive real impact in the world.


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Favorite Holiday: Halloween

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Why The Nautilus?

While the world is turbulent, most of us want to build a lasting legacy. To be resilient you need dynamic stability, the capacity to balance consistency and adaptability.

Animals similar to the nautilus have been on the planet for more than 500 million years. They are an emblem of sustainability, resilience and beauty. The nautilus is born with only 4 pearly chambers, as the animal within grows, she creates and then moves to the next larger chamber. Always expanding and always evolving forward over her lifespan.