It’s only week two. Some of you are doing great on your resolutions. Others have already thrown them away. Or didn’t set them. Or worst of all, low-balled them. Set easily obtainable goals.

Here’s the problem. Yup, you’ll likely get to succeed. And for some of you that might propel you to the next one. But more likely, you’ll check it off. And that’s it. And if what you want is the feeling of checking stuff off your list, even if you would have done it anyway, that’s enough.

But I suspect you want more. To change something – your health, your job, your life. To do that, you need to set real goals, not easy ones. And I think it’s best to set really big goals. My experience is that you rarely get more than you can imagine. That the limits we face are set by us.

What if you were to change it up? What if you set a really, really big goal? One that might take three years instead of one? What is the biggest goal you can imagine? My bet is you might just get it and you will definitely get further than if you just shoot for small goals.

Tips for success?

Tip 1. Tell someone you trust. I know it’s scary but when they don’t laugh, you’ll feel good and maybe they will help.

Tip 2. Try planning backwards – from achieving it back to today.

Tip 3. Get support. What do you need to learn? Who do you need to reach?

I’d love to hear what you are up to. And for the women reading this who want support and haven’t registered yet, I’ve got just a couple of seats left at Don’t Await It, Create It. Use code “300” for $300 off registration.

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