Some years I couldn’t wait to have end. On balance 2019 was fine. But I am so excited to start 2020. It’s a brand-new, shiny decade.

No tips this week just some questions to think about.

Tip 1. What are the high points you’ll remember another decade forward?

For me it’s all the risks I learned to take – starting my own leadership event, running for office, leading a PAC, moving, and playing with and sharing my writing and my art.

Tip 2. What lessons do you want to make sure never to have to learn again?

Yea, about some of those risks? Some were messy. I also never want to learn again how to manage and let go of toxic people. I never want to learn again that my instincts, in the absence of enough data, are almost always right. And that things don’t go well when I don’t listen.

Tip 3. What is one thing you want to be sure is true this time next year?

There’s a lot I want to be sure is true – some I have control over and others not so much. I want to speak on more stages, solve bigger problems, have more impact. But if I have to pick one, it’s an idea from a few years ago. When I ran for office a few years ago, I was anxious and so had a big sign on a flip-chart page on my wall. It said to laugh more and worry less. Next year, I want to make sure that I’ve embodied that idea this year.

What are your answers? What went well? What do you want next? Let me know.