It’s been a weird week. A lot has gone well. Some surprising successes. 

But also several disappointments, unexpected changes that it’s too early to tell if are good or bad or neutral. 

It’s almost always like that. Good stuff happens at the same time as not so good. It’s easy to get distracted and focus on fixing what’s wrong but it misses the point. 

Tip 1. Celebrate the good stuff. For some a no-brainer. For others, celebrating comes less naturally. I used to think it was a waste of time – too busy with the next thing or fixing something. I’d celebrate when the work was done. When there were no hungry people. But actually, celebration isn’t just fun, it opens creative space and accelerates the work.

Tip 2. Celebrate the crud, too. Look the crud happens whether the good does or not. It makes the good stuff sweeter. And almost always teaches a lesson. And that’s worth celebrating.

Tip 3. Make celebration a habit. It’s fun. It’s motivating. It’s creative. 

How do you celebrate? How often?