If you know me, you know that I am basically sports illiterate. But I do notice some things. Last night our local x stadium was sold out and the team wasn’t even there! The Nationals were in Houston winning Game 7 of the Word Series – Go Nats!  

There are so many lessons in this series. Neither team won at home. Almost all the Nats wins were late in the game come backs, including last
night. The underdog won. So, the tips this week are from what I learned following the 2019 World Series.

Tip 1. Show up. Show up and be fully present. I was struck by pitcher Max Scherzer’s pregame interview. Present. Focused. Matter of fact. “Let’s go.”

Tip 2. Stay focused on your game. It’s not about trashing the opponent. It’s about following your path, not about them

Tip 3. Never Give Up. Not when you are behind in the 7th inning. Not ever.