When life gets crazy, it’s easy to succumb to distraction. In the short run, it’s soothing. In the long run, I don’t know about you, but I can get lost for an hour I didn’t have.  All our screens and the apps we use are designed to keep us on them, so we’ll see an advertisement. Ever go to Facebook to post one thing and look up to discover you lost an hour? That’s what they are designed to do, but we can outsmart them.

Look, I stare at a screen for productivity most of the day. It’s where I communicate with clients across the country. It’s where I get my news. It’s where I create content. It’s how I am writing this. But I also want and need to do other stuff, so managing the time I spend on screens not being productive is critical. Here are some things that work for me. Let me know what works for you.

1.  Use a timer. If I’m going to Facebook or Instagram or some other social network, I set a timer. Really. When it’s over, I am done. 

2. Make it a reward. Use playing on social media or surfing the internet something you do after you finish a task as a reward. 

3. Make a game of limiting your time. Just like you count steps on your Fitbit or watch, you can track your screen time. Then see how you can lower it.

And the bonus tip – don’t charge your phone in your bedroom or check your email before you get ready for your day to begin.

Have a great week!