I started these messages as a mind-trick to get me to write a book. And after a little more than a year, I have lots of writing to work with, edit and put back together as a book. Something that would never have happened if I’d set out to write all of that at once. Yet, I’ve really enjoyed talking with you every week. So, we have a new idea.

Starting next week, 3 Tips Thursday becomes What If Wednesday. Have you been following our 21 days of What If questions? You can see them here or here or here. Today we wrap up with our last question, What If it’s a door not a wall? Did you have a favorite question? Did the questions spark something for you? I’d love to know, you can just reply to this email.

For me, this is a door to something new. So, what to expect? I’ll still share leadership stories and tips but with a little more freedom. Each week I’ll ask a question. Sometimes I’ll have answers or suggestions. Others maybe an interview. But I won’t be constrained to a list of three (notice how many weeks there were more?) and some weeks might go deeper into just one.

I hope you’ll continue to join me in this new experiment. Have questions you want me to answer? Let me now.

Have a great week!