It occurred to me this week that I used to wait for more than I do now. I’d wait to clear an idea or wait to see if someone in some position did something about it or to be invited to join the table. Now I ask, is that seat taken? I just do what I prefer to do. I just dive in. If it resonates and works? Great. If not, I stop. But I don’t do so much waiting. How does this work? See below.

Tip 1: The five-second rule.  If you have an idea or want to try something, move forward immediately. Start learning more, reserving the conference room, moving the money, but start. The longer you wait, the more time you have to be talked out of it by others and even by the voices in your head.

Tip 2. If you are worried about what others might think, talk to them. Don’t let fear of their reaction stop you but also reach out and find ways to include them.  Last year a friend wanted to start hosting a monthly dinner for creatives. Somehow it never got started. This week, I moved forward with the idea, attributing it appropriately and making the first call. Sometimes calls like that can be difficult but often, just the opposite. In this case, a thank you for making it happen.

Tip 3. Be prepared to answer questions. If you decide to step out without waiting, understand that people may have questions – about the idea, the roles people play and so forth. Don’t let the questions stop you – just be prepared.

I’d love to hear if these strategies work for you? Are there others I might have included that work for you?