The air is finally crisp here in DC and the leaves are falling. It’s also my birthday season which always has me thinking about how the year has gone and what I can do with what’s left. What I wanted to achieve and what I did or didn’t. This year, the holiday effort starts early with Thanksgiving on 11/22. There’s not much time left in 2018.

What if you did things differently this year? What if you took care of you first? Instead of driving with anxiety forward to completion and trying to do all the season’s caregiving extras – meals and events to host, gifts to give, support for those who struggle with the season, not to mention all the opportunities to visit with friends, you put you on your list first.

What if you created just a little space for you so you can do all that giving? Here are some ideas.


As we head into next year, take some time to create a plan for your 2019, that ensures you get what you want this time. This year carve out time, get support and have some fun. Check out the Don’t Await It, Create It women’s conference I host each January. If you know it’s for you, use promo code “Leader” and register now for a $150 off. If you aren’t sure, book a 30 min session with me to see.