I don’t know about you, all that is going on in the world sometimes gets to me. Whether it’s uncertainty about health care and elections, gun violence, or just closing business, there is plenty to be anxious about swirling around us.

This weekend it got me and I was stuck. For a bit. And I remembered some things that help me get un-paralyzed. Hopefully a few might work for you.

1) Get started. The more paralyzed I am, the more paralyzed I get. So I need to get started on something. What is the smallest next right action I can take? For me this weekend, it was getting my flu shot. I may not have felt creative but I could sit in line and get a shot. And cross it off the list. Of course, it also meant getting dressed and out of the house and once out I could stay out and get other stuff done

2) Get creative. Write or draw or paint or something. Let the creative part of you out to heal. Sometimes for me that’s about painting with colors I probably will hate later but it’s something. Or writing out my anger and discovering things. Sometimes, it’s even about imagining the worst case. Once I actually put my mind and language to it, it’s rarely as bad as I was feeling it would be. Often, it’s something I’ve dealt with before. And when it’s not, and it is as terrible as I fear, at least now I can start acting on dealing with it. See #1.

3) Get moving. Go for a walk or a run or a ride. Work it out in and with your body. Burn off the adrenaline. Just literally put one foot in front of the other. Sometimes it’s not something to be thought out but just moved through and moving helps.

What works for you? Reply or if you are reading this on the blog or LinkedIn, share in the comments below.