I have spent nearly half a century trying to be “not” my mother. She was beautiful, brilliant, and troubled. She lived an amazing life that I am not sure she ever enjoyed.

I am not like her by temperament. But as I listed all the career shifts, she had including personnel recruiter, politics, modeling, retail, stockbroker, real estate, and dog breeder, I realized I have a lot of her creativity. In all her roles, she was in the business at the intersection of helping and persuading people. My list is makeup artist, crisis counselor, researcher, speaker, author, consultant, photographer, and artist. It’s about bringing creative problem solving to serving others. 

I often coach leaders who have been told they have to pick one thing. I think it’s terrible advice. The magic is in how you blend the things you love and do well. That’s where your unique talent lies. 

What’s on your list? How do you or could you blend them?