I was going through a rough patch. I was turning everything upside down. Or maybe right side up. I started a new job. Left my husband. Moved to a new place. 

Things felt better but nothing felt quite right. Like it fits. It was all a messy jumble. My good friend Susan, taught me a fabulous saying,

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the sage calls the butterfly.”

It’s a whole new perspective, a new way of being. The old way doesn’t work, and the new way feels awkward. The old relationships don’t all come along, and you don’t have new ones.

Sometimes when we change and move forward, we also must leave where we were. There is no shame in having been a caterpillar or in leaving to become a butterfly. But no one should underestimate the adjustment.

Change is a given in our lives. Sometimes we choose, other times someone or something chooses for us. But things change. 

And it’s not always comfortable, even when we are the ones who decided and chose it. Yet, that’s all that discomfort is. It’s about adjusting. So, recognize it, be gentle with yourself, ask a few questions and embrace the discomfort.