Sometimes getting what you want means changing how you think.

We all tend to suffer from “baby elephant syndrome.”

Baby elephants, it seems, were traditionally trained by tying one of their front legs to a stake in the ground. No matter how hard they try they can’t pull away. And they stop trying to.

As they grow, which they do with great speed, they still believe they can’t pull themselves away and so they stay put.  (It goes without saying that capturing and training baby elephants is horrible in and of itself… so hopefully this practice has long gone out of style.)

Where do you do this? For me, it actually used to be about writing. As a child I was great at math, but not writing. I actually hated it and even in college, tried to avoid classes with big term papers.

Now, you’ve been reading my emails for a while. I haven’t won any awards (yet), but clearly, I can write. In fact, I have been writing this blog weekly for nearly three years and am working on a book.

It was hard at first to question that idea and to prove myself wrong. On some days, I still forget and revert.

What old belief do you still believe that is false?

Be well, have fun, challenge your limits.