I am too short to sit at my desk. My feet don’t touch the floor. So, I have to wear shoes with heels.

Sometimes I wear stilettos. I want to practice so I can wear them after the pandemic. But mostly, I wear a pair of black Dansko clogs.

For most of my life, I have owned, almost as a uniform, a pair of black Dankso clogs. The pair I’ve been wearing almost daily for the last year are totally beat up. Covered in paint. Glued back together. They were almost that bad six months ago when I replaced them. But for some reason, I don’t wear the new ones. I keep wearing the old falling apart ones. 

These old worn-out clogs are a perfect fit. In a time of so much change and disorder, and outside my comfort zone, I wonder if that’s why. They create a pattern and sense of normalcy. 

I wonder if I will keep them when the world stops being upside down.

What have you been doing to make things seem “normal?” What will you change?