It’s been a good few weeks with projects that make a difference. But often my work is filled with hills and valleys. Tons of work and then a lull and then slammed again. 

Last week I was swamped. Plus I’m supposed to be working on the book and supporting a couple of civic projects and helping several candidates running for office, and, and, and more.

I was feeling run over by the 42-page to do list. Ok, not actually 42 pages but you can imagine. 

What did I do? Keep running in circles? No. Did I work tirelessly through the weekend? No. 

I took Saturday off technology. And the whole weekend off social media. And had dinner outside with friends. 

I stopped running. Caught my breath. And started over on Monday with a much clearer head and more productive day. 

Sometimes, you have to slow down to speed up. 

What works for you?

Have a great week,


P.S. I am speaking tomorrow at the Driven to Win Summit. We are 80 busy entrepreneurs sharing our best tips on leading and succeeding in this crazy time. You can join us for free. Just register here.

Hope to see you there.