Ok. I know the anniversary of lockdown is tomorrow. But that makes this even more important. Being miserable never helped anyone or anyone around them. 

Success doesn’t lead to happiness; happiness leads to success.

Doing more of what makes us happy matters. 

1. It makes us happy

2. For many of us it’s connected to our unique gifts and goals 

3. So, doing what makes us happy ideally is moving us toward what we want

I know this might sound crazy. Especially since so many of us were taught to sacrifice and be miserable to earn the right to be happy. What if it isn’t necessary to earn it? 

Now obviously if what makes you happy is illegal or seriously immoral, you may need some new ways to be happy.

But happiness itself is not only moral, it’s fuel for moving forward. 

What can you do more of that brings you joy, covid or not?