It’s been another interesting week. Lots of opportunities and lots of ways it could be derailed. I learned a long time ago, that if I wait for the blocks to be cleared, I’ll be waiting a while.

I could have waited for permission to reach out to the leaders I have talked to this week. But I think I’d still be waiting and problems that have been solved would still be sitting open. 

There was a time, 20 years ago, when I worked for a long-time national leader who would say things like, “Call the Secretary’s office and get the &*&)*& answer.” At first, I’d respond with questions like, “what makes you think I’ll get through no less get a response?” And he’d say, if you have to, say you are calling for me.

I almost never had to do that. I called. They answered. Just for “little me.”

It has made me a bit fearless.  Worst case scenario is I end up where I started. So now, as my friend Mary Davis Holt says, I proceed until apprehended. Until someone says no. 

Now, if you are under 40 reading this, please note. No one said to email. They said to call. The phone is the way you reach people. It’s a lot harder to ignore, you can ask clarifying questions in real-time and be done. 

Yes, hiding behind email is easier. It also rarely works. You may have to follow up, but when you do, you’ll have an actual relationship. There is a reason our camera and text devices still make calls. They work.

Have a great week. Be brave. Proceed.