Boundaries. An easy word to throw around. A hard one to honor. Boundaries for where you focus your time. Boundaries on who you let into your space. But if you don’t have them, you will focus on whoever is around and where they want you to look.

I get it. It’s hard. We all have that person. Sometimes we are even related to them. That person who drags us into drama. Sucks the air out of the room. Makes us feel terrible about their circumstances or worse, how we see ourselves.

But getting what we want – the life, the job, the relationship, the stuff, requires us to focus. Distractions and things that make you feel awful, are not welcome on the journey.

Sure, there are obligations we have, but I’d look closely at those and the things we think we “have to” do. In my experience, most of the things I thought I had to do, were assumptions and actually about me. Taking care of a problem for a family member was about managing my anxiety as much as helping.

Choose where you put your attention and set conscious clear choices. You’ll get where you want to go a whole lot faster.

Have a great week,