It’s a crazy time and everything feels like it’s changing but as I’ve said before, the goals don’t have to change, the methods of achieving them do. 

Two weeks ago, I ran my annual Don’t Await It, Create It conference. It’s usually a three-day event at a beautiful hotel with great food and service. And I had to cancel it or take it online, thank you Covid-19. 

When I was in high school, the motto was “I will find a way or make one” and I’m pretty sure that motto was engraved on my brain. So finding a way was required.

I was afraid that we wouldn’t be able to create the same kind of intimate transformative experience. And that for the nearly half the group who have come to the live events that would be a big disappointment. 

It wasn’t. In some ways, it was the best event yet. I changed the agenda and tools to make sure people were active had a chance to talk to each other, even if they were on a screen. It worked. Participants came back from every break on time. They stayed for the whole event. All 20 hours.

Last week, President Biden was inaugurated. A dream he pursued for more than 30 years, coming back from a big communications error, a brain tumor, and family tragedy. Always focused on how he wanted to serve. 

Bottom line is to find the ways to get what you want, don’t give up the dream. Find a way or make one.

What is one way you have adapted to reach your goals?