This week I have struggled with this email. What can I say about getting what you want that honors the moment and is helpful to a community of readers from across the country, across the political spectrum and at all levels of their careers?

I come to this as a writer about leadership. But, also as a woman who:

  • a partisan working to elect Democratic women and successful at the negotiating table crafting policy and regulations with Republicans I respect.
  • spent 10 years on Capitol Hill and evacuated an office on the Hill on 911.
  • successfully helps leaders and organizations get what they want  

All I can do is share where my heart is. I come into this week with some clear lessons. 

  • Facts and words matter
  • Not taking a stand, is taking a stand
  • Not taking responsibility for your actions keeps wounds open.
  • As a leader, you need to understand your impact on your followers. Yes, we all are responsible for our own actions, but we take the comments and directions of leaders to heart as we make the decision about what to do.
  • Problems can be created quickly, solutions take time.

What does any of that have to do with getting what you want? I think, if what you want requires working with others, you, and all of us, need to tell the truth even when it hurts, to respect the needs and desires of those around us but also clearly call out falsehood, violence and discrimination.

We did not get here in an instant. We won’t get out in one. But we can and must move forward together.

Take care of yourself and each other this week,