Most of the time, you find what you are looking for.

Look for problems, you’ll find problems. Look for solutions, you’ll find solutions.

Even in this year of things that didn’t happen, lots of things did. This week is one of high expectations and hopes and fears. Most of us don’t ever have a holiday that rivals Norman Rockwell paintings. He often didn’t either.
That’s why he painted them. 

This year the holidays will be at best unlike any other. Visits that won’t happen. Presents that won’t arrive on time or maybe at all. But if we focus on what’s wrong, we can’t fix it and we make ourselves miserable. 

So let’s focus on what did go right. One of the things I do toward the end of the year is make a list of things that I did accomplish. This year it includes:

  • I stayed healthy
  • I helped get rid of the racist name of our high school
  • I lost 25 lbs and kept 22 off (notice – not perfect but good)
  • I finally started my book
  • I painted. And painted. 
  • I attended more than 50 yoga classes

What’s on your list? How do you build on that?

Have a wonderful holiday week. No matter the COVID, or the cold, have fun.