As we near the end of the year and we start taking stock, your year may again look nothing like what you’d planned. And that’s ok. Didn’t get it all done? No worries. I bet you got more done than you think. And managing uncertainty takes energy.

I know lots of people who are sick of what they see as the pressure to overcome the pandemic. And yes, it is at times at least exhausting. But here’s the thing. What are our choices?

We can fail and fall into despair.

We can wait it out.

Or we can find another way. Because the thing is, we don’t get more days. We have choices about how we spend our time but not how much we will be given. We are only promised one life.

And you and I? We get a life that includes a pandemic. You can just let time go by or you can keep moving forward anyway.

As we head into 2022, my question for you is what do you really want?

Not sure? What are three things you want? How might you move toward them? Because pandemic or not, you deserve to get them.

Make your short list. And then just put one foot in front of the next.



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