It’s always been true. There have always been 24 hours in a day. And for some reason, there’s never been enough time. We always wanted more.

That’s why we drive cars instead of ride horses.

That’s why we send email instead of snail mail.

That’s why we have phones, and planes, electric stoves, and washing machines. To do some things faster. So we have more time. For more action.

I find this helpful to remember when the overwhelm gets overwhelming and I have too much to do in too little time. It’s not new, it’s just the stuff I think I have to do that is. And frankly, I’d rather get that report written, than clean up after the horse.

But it does seem like we need more time.

So how do get it? We don’t, but we can use the time we have better. Here are three ways.

  • Write it all down. Yes, it takes time, but it will help, I promise. It is better than holding it all in your head.
  • Decide what is most necessary to be done and done by you. Pick three.
  • Then with the rest, see what really doesn’t need to be done, what can be done by someone else (and ask them to do it), and what can wait (schedule it).

2024 has 366 days, we can use them well. One day, one task, at a time.

To your best life,