Uncertainty and constant turbulence have become our new normal. For so many of us, whether non-profit leader, government executive, or entrepreneur, it has been a summer of change, uncertainty and opportunity. How can we successfully lead through it?

It would be easy for some to just want to step off the treadmill, stop the pace, pull the covers up and withdraw. But that’s not a great strategy for leaders, and frankly not a recipe for health. In the end, the world still awaits. What to do instead? Put down the screen. Take a real break. Read a book with a plot. Play with kids. Do some yoga. Whatever works for you.

Then look at the opportunities the chaos provides. Pick a few things that matter most to you, not more than three. Then focus on them. Maybe it’s more family time, maybe it’s volunteering at a shelter, maybe it’s increasing revenue or growing your team, maybe it’s running for office or even creating art.

Set goals for the things you choose. Then keep taking one step and one decision at a time toward them. Stay focused on those goals. What does not move you in that direction does not get your attention.

Your task is to take care of you and move toward your goals. If we each work on the things that matter to us, all the bases will be covered.

I’d love to hear what is working for you. Just post below. And look out for the second half.