Last month we looked at how you can manage the stress of turbulence created by change and ambiguity in your life. This month we focus on two things you can do to help your team.

1) Communicate clearly. Help your team know what is happening, what is expected of them and by when.

 2) Tell a good story. We think in stories better than in lists or memos. When communicating, share the story of what is happening and what it means. Tell the story based on the perspective of the team. Help people see and understand what is happening based on their role and viewpoint.

 3) Communicate with confidence. Teams most often adopt the perspective of their leaders, especially ones they respect. If you communicate with confidence, then they will be confident. Communicate tentatively, or with anxiety and the team will feel unsure. Communicate with frustration or anger, and the team will react accordingly. But if you communicate with assurance, then the team will share it.

Want some help doing this? Read below to learn more about our next training, Inspiring Action.