I met my friend Kelly for happy hour a few weeks ago. We ordered some amazing jumbo shrimp as an appetizer with our cocktails.

The order had 5 shrimp. I gave Kelly 2, took 2 and then started to struggle to unshell the third to cut it in half.

She looked at me quizzically. I explained that I was trying to share them fairly, and she said “Eat it, there’s more.” And ordered another plate of them.

“There’s more.”

Once she said it, it seemed obvious.

She caught me setting an imaginary limit for not just me, but for both of us. It’s made me wonder where else I am doing the same thing.

Ok, shrimp and cocktails are a fun privilege no one needs. And some limits are real. Days have 24 hours.

But so many things – gratitude, kindness, creativity, and frankly most stuff including money are not finite resources, they are renewable, or expandable.

Where are you limiting yourself out of habit that isn’t a real limit? What limits can you break?

Have a great week!