That’s a question I’m starting to ask every day. “What was fun today?”

In my business, summer is crazy time. We have all the normal things to do and all the proposals to write for the future work.

Meanwhile family wants to play, kids are out of school and so you want to cram all of that in too, so there’s not always a lot of time for self-reflection. 

Most of you know that I keep a daily gratitude journal, or try to, but I added just one more question – what was fun today? Not because I need a record but because knowing I will answer the question, means I pay attention and look for those moments. And in doing so, have more fun.

One thing I am learning is that what I think is fun is remarkably stable. I’m pretty nerdy. For me, fun is usually time spent with other people working on some intractable policy problem, connecting people, or creating something. What are your top three?

Have a great day,


PS. I promised I’d share your answers to the survey. 

I will share over the next few weeks.

Here is my first insight. The first thing that struck me was that the answers to the two questions were quite different for each of you, when I summarized them they were overall in the same categories – better time management, better relationships, and more of a sense of stability. I’ll focus on these for the next few weeks.