We tend to look outside ourselves for stability. To our family. To our job. To the world around us.

But more and more, our world is turbulent. Changes in the economy. Changes in the weather. A new disease. They show up and disrupt things like how Amazon changed shopping, Uber changed transportation, Netflix and how we watch entertainment. Lots of opportunities in disruption but first it feels strange and sometimes down right frightening.

But what if stability is in our ability to trust ourselves and the universe not in the externals around us?

What if we believe we can find community and created family no matter what happened in our families of origin?

What if we can give up trying to control what’s not in our control, how much energy do we save?

What if we believe we can handle whatever happens, what changes?

You have already survived your worst day, the 2007 recession, a loss of a relative, and so much more. Things may change. May not work out as you dream of today. But you will be ok. You’ve got this.

Need some tools to bake this in? Here are three tips:

1. Get out of your head – run, pray, meditate, create art, whatever it takes to step away for a few minutes.

2. Make a list of your fears. Thank them for the information. Next research, from reputable sources only, what the reality of the fear is.

3. Take action. Move forward on something, anything. The more you do, the further you go, the more you’ll believe.

Have a great week!