A big part of how people learn about my work and iLead Strategies is hearing me speak. It’s one of my very favorite things to do. 

This week though, amid concerns about the coronavirus, two speaking events have been canceled. It t is probably the right call but has short and long term implications. One is postponed and hopefully will work out. But not until 2021. 

So what to do? Look for another way. As we learn to work in a new world, how do you pivot? 

The second workshop lends itself to a class so we are talking about creating an online course.  It’s not as fun, but I will get to know the participants better. 

For another event, I’m driving instead of flying. 

For yet another, we are the ones likely to cancel.

The coronavirus will ultimately be controlled, but our need to be able to adapt will not change. 

So how do you pivot? I think many of the tips I’ve shared before are on my list. 

  • Get clear about the goal
  • Gather available data
  • Measure your tolerance for risk 
  • Decide
  • Tell the truth 

What’s on your list? How are you adapting to the changing environment?